Spring 04

Spring 2004

On St. Patrick’s Day we had a spring snow storm:

This was the view outside my office window
Despite the snow, these geese were managing to find something to eat in the snow covered courtyard.  I wonder if this is the same pair that raised a family in this courtyard last summer.
At the end of March, the planet Venus was very prominent in the evening sky.  I took this picture of the moon and Venus about 8:00 PM on evening.

At the end of March, I traveled to West Virginia for a train meeting.  While there, I got quite a few nice pictures of the area around Hawk’s Nest

On the way back, I stopped at a rest area in Maryland at this cut in the mountain, called Side Slip Hill

In May, I went in search of a colony of wild Monk Parrots that have established themselves  in Edgewater NJ, right across the Hudson River from Manhattan.  The results of my search are here.  On the way home, I stopped off at the Great Falls of the Passaic River in Patterson NJ.