Spring 03

Spring 03

At the end of April I went to my usual weekend workshop in New England, although this time it was at the Nine Mountain Retreat Center in Plainfield, Massachusetts.  Plainfield is in the Berkshire Mountains in the far western part of the state.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see too much of the beauty of the area, because it rained the entire weekend.

On the way up, I stopped at the New England Air Museum in Hartford Connecticut.   I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours there, and came away with a number of pictures of very interesting aircraft.

This is a 9/11/01 memorial in Dover NJ.

This is the back of a building in the center of Dover.  I thought that the painted adds were very interesting.

Flowering trees in front of the building where I work.

A sunset I saw one evening as I was leaving work.

One Saturday afternoon I went to look at the nearby Rockaway River and saw these geese and ducks